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Your Card. Your Rules.

With Alloy, you decide how you want to customize your credit card experience.

More than ever before, people are turning to the power of automation. From home to work, to lifestyle, automation can make a big difference in life’s little details.

But what about important things, like your money? Meet Alloy, the new credit card that lets you automate your finances -- the same way you automate everything else in your life.

Life has gotten busy.

Take control over your finances.

Alloy is fully customizable, giving you almost limitless possibilities to explore - and the credit card experience you’ve been waiting for.

Physical Cards Made Flexible

  • Issue a new physical credit card to be used on a trip abroad that can only be used in that country.
  • Pause the card on bars after 11pm to nudge you to go home.
  • Issue a card for your kids and set how much they can spend and where.

Virtual Credit Card Numbers

  • Create new virtual credit card numbers and use them on trials so you can make sure when they end.
  • Use exclusive numbers for subscriptions and be warned if the merchant attempts to increase the price.
  • User virtual numbers on purchases on less reputable ecommerce stores.

Smart Data Management

  • Export transactions in real-time to a Google Sheets or Excel file and manage your budgets your way.
  • Be notified when the server swipes your card with how much you should tip her.
  • Identify business expenses and send automated customized reimbursement reports to your company.

Cash Back That Fits Your Lifestyle

  • Automatically donate your cash back to your favorite charity or church.
  • Fund your brokerage account or your robo-advisor with your cash back.
  • Schedule your cash back to be used to pay-off your statement.

Yes, you got them.

You earn 1% to 3% cash back on all purchases.

You can redeem your cash as you wish and even send them to other services automatically.

Build your own Rules.
Share them with the community.

Besides the features developed by Alloy, use our platform to explore, build and create the next generation of flexible credit card experiences and share them with your network, friends and family.

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